“My personal therapy with Lisa guided me to get on track with the way I was living my life.  It began with group therapy with out patient care at River Point Behavioral Health, where I went from being non communicative with others with interacting and finding my own voice and my own path.  Individual therapy helped me find my wings and to learn how to fly.  I may continue to always struggle with psychiatric issues for my entire life, however, after treatment from Lisa Angel, I consider myself more grounded and able to deal with my serious diagnosis and the stress that life can bring.  I highly recommend Lisa Angel she helped me change my view of what is possible.”  Anne

Lisa has helped me tremendously.  She is a wonderful therapist and human being. Compassionate, knowledgeable, competent, kind and understanding. She has taught me to enjoy every minute I have of life and keep the faith.  I will always be thankful to her.  Belen Blanton

“My mental illness first manifested at age 13.  I am now in my 50’s and I have seen a multitude of therapists during that time.  The majority of these therapists told me what I wanted to hear, which was just skimming the surface.  It was not until I met Lisa Angel did I feel like I received any real care.  She not only covers your wound with band aids but she lovingly digs deeper to the core of your wounds and teaches you the tools that you need to start to really heal.  My only regret is that I did find Lisa years earlier because I often wonder what a difference that it would of made in my life.”   Brenda

Lisa has taught me to live again. She doesn’t just acknowledge and validate, she has given me tools – the tools necessary to put me on a path of self-healing. She is passionate about her work. She cares and is very genuine. She doesn’t play when it comes to being accountable for myself and doing my part – the work it takes. She taught me that if I wanted to transform my life into a happier and healthier one, I had to do the work. And she lovingly guided me. My life is back on track. I feel light in my life, a spark, laughter, and a future – thanks to Lisa and her positive influence and guidance.  Julie