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The Wounded Healer

As I sit here recovering from major hip reconstruction surgery from a fall 20 feet onto concrete the day of Matthew the hurricane in Florida almost one year ago this Friday, I am reminded of a term that has come up repeatedly in my lifetime ( wounded healer) as a massage therapist/holistic practitioner/licensed family therapist.

I have been challenged with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and now I have a brain injury along with one more hip to go to be reconstructed. A total of about 2 to 2 1/2 years of rehab surgeries and healing.

I have lived with chronic pain and chronic fatigue since I was 27 years old and I am now 54 years old. Up to this point I have utilized my strong mine to override my pain. After this major accident I can no longer push the override button and therefore I have been forced to slow way down.

God has been so good to me throughout these processes, as he has developed my character, my patience, and a closeness to him that I cherish. I've always been close to him but now I'm even more close because I have a supernatural peace. I have learned to be content with sitting and praying and viewing God's creation from my patio that looks over at lake in the trees and deep appreciation for all that is working in me and around me.

Don't get me wrong it hasn't been easy and there have been days when I have just cried because I am unable to do so many things now. But I quickly reshape my mind and my attitude and replace those thoughts with a grateful thankful heart. I could've easily been paralyzed for the rest of my life or even not hear from the accident. I continue to hang onto my work as I continue to do therapy with a few people a week and that's all I can do for now.

My brain injury is considered mild, it does affect my memory somewhat when I am tired especially my memory and my cognition, so I have learned to manage myself well with making sure that I only meet with clients when I am not tired or have overdone it. I write this because I want to give people hope not to give up when they have such injuries and that God willing in time with perseverance in the right amount of acceptance the bad will be turned to Good.

I'll tell you this I can certainly relate to people with concussions and brain injuries!!


What fascinantes me is that during my entire time of getting through that fall from the attic onto concrete, I was and am able to do my work as a therapist.  That shows how the brain works!  If it is in your long term memory and you have a great deal of practice doing it, it will be recalled as if nothing happened.  Well, maybe not that far.  When you have injuries there are usually differences in you before and after the accident, the traumatic effects of life, & growing experiences.  This accident has only made my stronger, more determined than ever to help others.

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