Blessings In The Midst Of Pain

Is it possible to be blessed while in pain at the same time?  How do folks with chronic pain do it?  It may surprise you to know that many people live daily productive lives that are in pain.  I am one of them.  I have Fibromyalgia, as well as, injuries from a fall through an attic onto the concrete garage floor that has resulted in 2 reconstructive surgeries of my hips, broken arm in 2 places, and a head injury.  What I have, you can not see.  So, people think that I am fine and not in pain.  I have been managing chronic pain most of my adult life.  It began during my pregnancy with my first child and continues today in my 50’s.  One thing that helps me is to stay forward thinking and positive in my mind and attitude.  I focus daily on what is working in my body and not what is not working.   If I can’t walk, then I utilize my upper body.  If my brain is fatigued, I simply switch to smaller bite size tasks.  I am flexible with myself and my body in terms of what it needs daily.  I stretch, meditate, pray, eat healthy and think good thoughts.  Believe it or not, this keeps my pain levels down.  I have definitely have determined that when I am overly emotional or stressed my pain levels go up.  Therefore, hitting things up front, not procrastinating, and advocating for my health are essentials in keeping me productive and happy.  These are not easy items to pull off and you may need some help in doing it.  Accountability partners are excellent, Brooks Rehabilitation has groups for Chronic Pain and Illness.  Just picking to be around positive healthy people can help tremendously in lowering your pain levels. There are times and seasons when you will be able to do more and times when you will need to do less.  A good therapist can help you through those different and difficult seasons.  I also recommend counting your blessings daily.  This way you are blessed as well.  It feels good to be of service to others even in small ways of saying hello or asking someone how they are feeling.  Being blessed during pain is a choice that we can often make.  It just takes a bit of a mind shift and willingness to let go of the negative.  I hope you find this blog helpful and please feel free to email or call me with comments or questions.  Thank you.  Lisa Angel, LMFT