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Lisa Angel LMFT Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting LLC

Let the healing begin

I will be in your corner looking out for you and guiding you in reaching your goals and dreams.

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I am not accepting new patients at this time.


“Believe you can and your half way there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Congratulations on looking into doing something good for you and perhaps those that you love!  Having an objective professional that you can trust that has a good listening ear can really help to make your life what you want and need it to be.  

At Lisa Angel LMFT Counseling, Coaching , & Consulting LLC in Jacksonville, Florida, I will be your partner in finding the answers to your questions. There will be an easing of stress and a gaining of mental/emotional clarity.   

I understand and know how it feels to be in a situation that you, yourself, don’t know what’s happening.  I have been a patient before becoming a therapist.  I can relate to you on a level as a human that has endured physical/emotional pain.  I am here to tell you that there is relief and you can move through painful experiences quicker than you may think.  

I’m passionate about helping others on their path to wellness.  My qualifications and education allow me to widen my treatment scope outside of being a marriage therapist.  I treat the whole person, as our bodies are interconnected with our minds, and our neurology plays a significant role in our healing.

I offer, Telehealth and Telephone sessions. Due to Covid 19, I am not yet seeing clients face to face at this time.

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